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January 6, 1992


Kansas chancellor Gene Budig left today for the NCAA Convention in Anaheim convinced that stiffer academic requirements for student-athletes will be implemented.

Budig, who has been a member of the prestigious Presidents Commission for the last eight months, said of the proposals, "It is apparent they will do well in the voting process."

The most controversial recommendation is to increase basic high school core courses from 10 to 13 and the grade point average from 2.0 to 2.5 in order to qualify for a scholarship.

"The convention will ensure the presidents' commitment to meaningful academic standards for student-athletes," Budig said. "It's unfortunate that these recommendations were not made and accepted years ago."

IN THAT light, Budig feels that this week's convention will be "in many ways an historical one."

In his role as chair of the Presidents Commission's sub-committee on revenue distribution, Budig is scheduled to make a report to the membership. That revenue is the money the NCAA receives from its billion-dollar television contract with CBS.

"Basically, we have three recommendations," Budig said. "One is to broaden the reserve fund to enhance the reform movement. Second is to distribute some to recognize academic enhancement activities.

"Third, and a rather important one, is to advise that the distribution plan be reviewed annually. We think it's important the sub-committee be involved in some manner in the process."

The NCAA Convention runs today through Thursday at the Anaheim Convention Center.

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