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January 3, 1992


To the editor:

I found your article on the front page of the Dec. 28 issue to be offensive and antagonistic.

The band Body Count is not a rap group; it is a hardcore punk/metal band. While ICE-T has been a rap performer in the past, he has not limited himself to that genre. The reporter used the rap reference only to sensationalize the story.

It seems typical of the media to use such tactics with disregard for reality, knowing that the white majority of readers are already scared and confused by black artists. You play on those fears to stir up controversy. ICE-T did not create the controversy, the media did.

The issue of the song "Cop Killer'' has been overblown and used to discriminate against black artists. There seem to be more and more artists (not just black artists) releasing songs with similar sentiments. It's time to look at why. Police brutality does exist. ICE-T is not a threat to the police, the police are a threat to ICE-T and any other minority. This has been proven over and over again recently. For the police to react to ICE-T and other artists with boycotts and attempts at censorship is not the answer. There is a strong message to be heard in this music and it is time to listen and understand, not to sensationalize and antagonize only to sell newspapers and provoke further racism and division between cultures.

It seems to me Journal-World has a history of biased reporting. For example, the Chris Bread murder. In the end, the public found out what Outhouse patrons know all along; the crime had nothing to do with skinheads or racial violence. It was a drunk driver. In the meantime, the press went out of their way to implicate the skinheads without doing any real investigation, like actually talking to any of the skinheads. If that had been done, the press, specifically the Journal-World, would have discovered that the skinheads in this area are all very dedicated anti-racists. To lead the public to believe otherwise only serves to provoke racial unrest and sell papers.

As for Loren Anderson, the Outhouse's organizers and patrons have always had a good working relationship with the sheriff's department. Mr. Anderson has always dealt with the few problems that have arisen there in a very fair and expedient manner. He knows what goes on there, and the reality of the situation at the Outhouse. The Journal-World obviously does not.

Bob Cutler,

P.O. Box 1331

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