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January 3, 1992


Four bronzes by a Lawrence sculptor will be on display Saturday at a theater in Kansas City, Mo., as part of a video show highlighting an upcoming exposition in Seville, Spain.

The bronzes by Jim Brothers, a sculptor specializing in Native American and Midwestern images, will be sent in April to Seville as part of Expo '92 Kansas City-Seville. Brothers also has made a half-scale reproduction of "The Scout,'' a sculpture that overlooks Kansas City from Penn Valley Park, that will also go to Seville. That sculpture is now being cast, and photos of the clay model will be on display Saturday.

"It's a pretty faithful representation,'' Brothers said today. "But I used my own sensitivities on it. I put more feeling in the face.''

The showing of the bronzes will accompany an 11 a.m. and a noon showing of a promotional video of work being done in Spain that will run at the Plaza Theater, 4701 Wyandotte, at the Country Club Plaza in Kansas City, Mo. Brothers plans to attend.

Brothers recently placed a sculpture at the River Market in Kansas City, Mo., as part of a revival project in the area. He has signed a contract with General Electric Aircraft Engines to cast six bronzes and was invited to donate a sculpture to a charity auction sponsored by actress Jane Seymour. He was commissioned by the family of John Neihardt to design a bronse to represent the book "Black Elk Speaks,'' by Neihardt. In addition, he was awarded the Carl Akeley Medallion for excellence in sculpture in 1986.

Brothers said he may go to Spain to attend the Expo in April.

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