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January 3, 1992


Lawrence city commissioners will hear public comment Tuesday on a proposed ordinance that would require most city water users to install a special protection device where their pipes meet city water lines.

Roger Coffey, the city's director of utilities, said in late December that the purpose of the ordinance is to prevent an accidental backwash of chemicals or tainted water from contaminating the city water supply.

It would affect businesses and residents alike.

The commission will meet at 6:35 p.m. in the city commission meeting room in city hall, Sixth and Massachusetts.

Under the ordinance, water customers would be required to intall a backwash protection device at their "cross-connections," the point where city lines meet pipes leading to sources of chemicals or unsafe water.

The city was required to create the ordinance by new federal and state regulations safeguarding water quality, said Tammy Bannister, intern for the city manager's office, who helped draft the ordinance.

While the ordinance focuses on "high hazard customers," such as factories, hospitals, industrial plants and mortuaries, city residents also must heed the ordinance.

For example, many residences have boilers or water treatment tanks with dangerous chemicals that connect to city lines, said Coffey.

Sticking the end of garden hose in a bucket of sudsy water while washing your car also constitutes a potential cross-connection hazard, Coffey said.

A SUDDEN drop in water pressure could suck the soapy water into the city lines.

During a public information meeting on Dec. 19, city officials took comments on the ordinance from plumbers and installers of fire and lawn sprinklers, Bannister said.

To approve the ordinance, the commissioners would place it on the consent agendas of the next two commission meetings for first and second readings, Bannister said.

Although commissioners can pull items from the consent agenda for further discussion, the majority of the items are passed in one motion.


The commissioners will proclaim the week of Jan. 27-31 "Lawrence Neighborhood Week."

Consent agenda:

Consider minutes of the previous commission meeting and various city organization meetings.

Consider payment of city expenses.

Consider setting 2 p.m. Jan. 21 as the date to receive bids for sidewalk improvements to Fifth Street from Maine to Michigan.

Consider setting 2 p.m. Jan. 28 as the date to receive bids for the rehabilitation of the utilities department's Oread ground storage water tanks.

Consider approving, with conditions, a revised preliminary development plan for Monterey PCD-1, a planned commercial development including space for residential areas, on the northwest corner of Sixth Street and Monterey Way.

CONSIDER accepting dedication of easements and rights of way for the final plat of Monterey Subdivision No. 4, a 27-lot office and residential subdivision northwest of Sixth Street and Monterey Way.

Consider approving amendments to the city's zoning ordinance and authorizing an ordinance that creates a new residence-office zoning district.

Consider annexing 23.8 acres known as Mary's Lake for public use.

Consider a site plan for a warehouse to be built at the northeast corner of Ninth and Delaware. According to information provided by the city, local developer Duane Schwada plans to construct a one-story office-warehouse building. The structure, which would contain about 18,160 square feet, would be built in two phases. The first would contain 10,800 square feet; the second would have 7,360 square feet.

Consider a site plan for Round Town Apartments, formally Round Town Mall, 2859 Four Wheel Dr. According to information provided by the city, owner Rex Youngquist plans to convert the now-vacant shopping area into 14 two-bedroom apartments.

Consider a site plan for Holiday Apartments, a four-unit apartment building, to be constructed in a portion of the 200 block of Mount Hope Court, east of the Holidome.

Consider an ordinance removing parking on the north side of 24th Street from the east curbline of Alabama, east 100 feet.

On the regular agenda, commissioners will:

Consider a request from Marsha Goff to tap into city water lines without the city annexing her property.

Consider dedications of easements and rights of way for the final plat of Country Club Canyon, a 23-lot residential subdivision on the west side of Country Club Terrace at the north end of Trailridge Apartments.

Consider approving a site plan for a warehouse to be located at 1900 Del. According to information provided by the city, local developer Duane Schwada plans to construct a speculative warehouse building containing about 5,600 square feet.

Hear public comment on a draft of an ordinance regulating mobile home and manufactured home parks.

Hear public comment on a draft of an ordinance concerning mandatory installation of backflow protection devices at all points where city water lines connect with water sources of questionable quality.


Consider canceling the March 10 commission meeting, because of a conflict with the National League of Cities congressional conference March 7-10, which most commissioners will attend.

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