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February 18, 1992


— Starting with the graduating class of 1996, DeSoto High School students will need three credits in mathematics one more than the existing requirement to graduate, school board members decided Monday.

Rod Petersen, a member of the curriculum coordinating council, presented the DeSoto school board with three recommendations from the council, including the math credit increase. He said the high school math department plans to incorporate additional courses, such as a math application class using computers.

The department also is developing a "fast track" math program starting in seventh grade for students who are math oriented, he said.

BOARD MEMBERS approved the recommendation, which included increasing the total number of credits required for graduation from 22 to 23.

They also approved the council's recommendation of a dual grading system, in which students in honors classes receive grades on a 5-point scale instead of the common 4-point scale used in all other classes. Petersen said the system, which will go into effect for the 1992-93 school year, will reward students with a higher grade point average for succeeding in honors classes.

School board members debated the council's third recommendation to discontinue tuition reimbursement for high school students who take college courses. DeSoto's Quick-Step program reimburses half the tuition to students who complete a college class.

Petersen said students abuse the program by enrolling in college classes they could attend at the high school.

THE BOARD agreed to discontinue reimbursement for students taking college courses in the summer. However, members asked the curriculum council to draw up parameters, defining which courses are eligible for tuition reimbursement during the school year and setting a dollar limit that the district will pay per student.

In another matter, board members discussed the space crunch facing the district. Alan Hays, board vice president, suggested that the board put planning on hold until after the public forum, scheduled for 9 a.m. Feb. 29. "We need to find out from the people what they're going to support," he said.

In the last three years, voters have defeated three bond issues that would have financed construction of new schools or renovation and additions on the existing facilities.

IN OTHER business, the board:

Authorized Larry Phye, director of operations, to seek bids on installation of a new coal tar roof on a 12,064-square-foot section of the high school and a 6,240-square-foot section of DeSoto Elementary School.

Approved the purchase of a $4,995 computer system for the district's accounting work. Phye told the board that the existing Cimarron system no longer meets the district's needs.

Heard from Supt. Marilyn Layman, who presented an update of the school financing proposals in the Kansas Legislature.

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