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February 12, 1992


Two Irish setters and three huskies that were being housed at the Lawrence Humane Society Animal Shelter after a January kennel raid in Washington County have been returned to their owner, the shelter's manager said Tuesday.

Roma Tesch, shelter manager, said the five dogs were returned to a Clyde woman who had leased the dogs for breeding to Mike and Kathy McCall, who kept an unlicensed kennel in Washington County that was raided earlier this year. Washington County is north of Junction City along the Nebraska border.

About 65 to 70 dogs, described as filthy and neglected, were seized during the raid. Fifteen of the dogs were taken to the local animal shelter.

Tesch said several dogs have remained at the shelter. A female husky is ready to be adopted, Tesch said.

Other dogs remaining are two adult German shepherds, two German shepherd puppies, two golden retriever puppies, an adult golden retriever, an adult Doberman pinscher and a Doberman puppy.

"We really want to get them out of here and into permanent homes," Tesch said. "They deserve that."

Susan Stanley, assistant attorney general assigned to the state's Animal Health Department, said the McCalls have claimed that five dogs seized during the raid were family pets. As part of the settlement with the McCalls, those dogs would be returned to the family, Stanley said.

Dogs determined to be breeding stock would not be returned and would be put up for adoption at animal shelters, Stanley said. She said legal matters should be wrapped up this week.

As part of the settlement, the McCalls have been ordered to pay restitution of $11,000 to animal shelters that housed the seized dogs. The $11,000 bill is for veterinary care, food and other expenses.

Stanley praised the animal shelters that took in the seized dogs. Without such cooperation, kennel raids would be impossible, she said, calling for support of the shelters.

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