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December 8, 1992


Emporia State paid Kansas University in 1947 to come play in White Auditorium, and the Hornets made the fee worth it, beating Phog Allen's Jayhawks 67-44.

Some 45 years later in Allen Fieldhouse, Kansas paid Emporia State back with interest: $22,000 and a 91-56 pounding.

The practice of paying "guarantees" for non-conference schools to play on a team's home court is not new, said Bill Quayle, Emporia State athletic director. And the amounts most likely have risen with game scores over the years.

Quayle could not say how much the Hornets paid the Jayhawks back in '47 but guessed it was much less than today's standard.

Guarantees are determined in part by ticket sales, which by one player's recollection were good for Emporia State then.

Dennis Shogren, who is retired now in Hutchinson, scored 16 points against the Jayhawks as an Emporia State forward on Dec. 13, 1947.

He was in the front row Monday night after four members of the team had a reunion before the game.

"We had a good following. We were sold out every game," he said.

Shogren noted that basketball had become a bigger business since he was a player. "We played more for fun," he said.

Scores also have inflated since 1947, Shogren said. Sixty-seven points were a lot back then.

"We played more of a control game. There was no run and shoot," he said.

Richard Scott moved inside for a layup with 8:41 remaining in the second half, scoring Kansas' 68th point. The Jayhawks led 68-43.

Guarantees become part of the athletic department's general fund, Quayle said.

Monday's guarantee supplied about 5 percent of Emporia State's average athletic department budget of $450,000, Quayle said. The guarantee money is enough for 550 basketballs or about four full-ride scholarships.

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