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December 4, 1992


The first half of 1992 property tax payments are beginning to trickle into the county treasurer's office, according to Nancy Hempen, county treasurer.

Taxpayers must have payments postmarked or personally delivered to the office by 5 p.m. Dec. 21. The normal deadline of Dec. 20 falls on a Sunday, Hempen said, so it was extended one day.

The bills cover real estate and personal property such as moter homes and boats.

She said the longer one waits, the longer lines get.

The state requires at least half of the year's taxes be paid in December and the second half in July. However, Hempen said if people fail to pay personal property taxes on time, they must pay for the entire year.

Procrastinators got some relief this year: The Legislature passed a lower interest rate for late real estate taxes, down from 18 percent to 12 percent, Hempen said.

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