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December 4, 1992


— A task force working to curb drag racing on city streets and address other safety concerns has targeted several areas they hope the Eudora City Council will consider.

Terry Lawhon, chairman of the safety task force, said the group has tried to meet twice a month since it was formed in September. He plans to address the city council at the Dec. 28 meeting with a list of proposals:

To install a four-way stop sign at 10th and Main.

Construct walkways along Nottingham Elementary School.

Widen Church Street and devise a way for youngsters to safely cross Kansas Highway 10 when the new high school is built south of the highway.

In addition to the physical changes, Lawhon said, the city needs to undergo an attitude adjustment.

"The people and the city need to grow up," he said. "You find 37-year-olds out there cruising the streets. They want to stay young. They don't want to face that they're mature adults."

Another long-term goal of the task force is to come up with alternative activities for the town's young people.

"Some of it is the parents' fault," said Lawhon. "A lot of them say out of sight, out of mind. They give them $20 and the car, and they're gone. They don't live where the kids are racing up and down the streets."

Lawhon and Barbara Smith spoke to the council Aug. 31 and presented a letter with signatures of about 100 Eudora residents, who are anxious about the speeding and excessive noise, particularly on weekends. Barry Landon, council member, offered to serve on the task force.

In the meantime, police have cracked down on drag racing on 10th Street, also known as Old K-10, Lawhon said.

Also, Police Chief Bill Long said another full-time officer hired this week will help keep trouble-makers under control because police will be able to patrol more.

Lawhon said members of the task force hope to bring about changes that will make the community more attractive to newcomers and foster a sense of pride in longtime residents.

"I feel that it will show that people who live in the town care," he said. "It will promote safety and make people more aware of what goes on."

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