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December 4, 1992


Lance Burr can go ahead with his duplex-rennovation project at 1909 Mass., now that the Board of Lawrence Zoning approved his parking-lot plan Thursday night.

But now he needs another variance to allow him to construct the lot with brick instead or concrete or asphalt.

``I hate concrete and asphalt so badly,'' said Burr, a Lawrence attorney who owns what he says is the ``oldest functioning duplex'' in town. ``I'm going to do something unique.''

Burr needs to go back to the board for another approval before he can begin construction of a stretch of seven parking spaces alongside the duplex.

The zoning board approved a variance Thursday allowing Burr to build the spaces within 2 feet of a residential fence to the west. City code normally requires a minimum of 5 feet of plantlife separating commerical and residential lots.

``That was what we were concerned about the loss of green space but, obviously, not enough to deny the variance,'' said Bob Moody, a member of the board. ``In a sense, the board was glad to see he was restoring and renovating the place, but at the same time they were worried about the loss of green space.''

Burr plans to remodel the house's basement to include two efficiency apartments.

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