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December 4, 1992


Construction of a juvenile detention center planned for Lawrence could run over budget after all, the county administrator said today.

The architects, Abend Singleton Associates Inc., told the Douglas County Commission on Monday that the Northeast Kansas Regional Juvenile Detention Center would cost about $1.3 million as designed. The project's budget is just under $1.5 million.

County Administrator Craig Weinaug and Commissioner Louie McElhaney met with the firm in Kansas City, Mo., Thursday to discuss details not included in the design what McElhaney calls odds and ends.

McElhaney said those odds and ends begin to add up. A phone system and intercom, for example, cost $8,000 to $10,000, he said. Another uncertainty is how much it will cost to prepare the site such as bringing in fill dirt.

McElhaney and Weinaug will take the numbers to the commission when a complete price list is finished, McElhaney said.

"We've really got to be tight to keep this thing under budget," he said.

During the Nov. 30 meeting, Weinaug expressed concern about whether the architects included contigency costs in the $1.3 million. He said he learned Thursday that they had not.

"It became clear that the county and region face some choices," Weinaug said.

The center is intended to meet the region's need for a place to hold juvenile offenders who previously had to be taken as far as Hutchinson.

The state will pay 90 percent of the center's cost. The region's counties, including Douglas County, must pick up the other 10 percent and any overrun.

The center is expected to open in late 1993 in the North Lawrence Industrial Subdivision about a block east of Third Street, just south of the Kansas Turnpike.

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