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August 27, 1992


— The article about Kansas State in this week's Sports Illustrated annual college football preview issue is dated.

In calling K-State the most improved team in the country, SI refers to the Wildcats' expenditures to improve facilities. Everybody's facilities but coach Bill Snyder's.

The carpet in Snyder's office, SI says, is worn and the walls have holes in them.

False, Snyder told the Big Eight Skywriters on Wednesday.

"I had three holes, and they fixed those," he said.

Not until lately, though. Snyder has spent the Wildcats' money in other ways.

"I realized when we came here and I don't believe in my wildest imagination that facilities make a program that we had to do something," he said. "The thing that was going to win for us was for our players to be happy."

LOCKER AND weight rooms were improved. A $2 million indoor workout facility is planned. Last comes a $3 million replacement for KSU Stadium's 20-plus-year-old temporary press box.

Snyder's space is last on the list.

"I don't want a CEO's office," he said.

He doesn't seem to want to sweat the personal details, either.

Skywriters: What is your contract status?

Snyder: "I have one."

Skywriters: How many years is it?

Snyder: "It was a five-year contract when I first came here. I was here two years before I ever signed it."

Skywriters (incredulously): Why?

Snyder: "There were other things to do. Really they gave me a contract and I put it in the drawer and that's where it was."

SNYDER'S priorities do not include changing jobs even though his 14-20 record at K-State has made him highly marketable.

"I'm not thinking about leaving Kansas State," he said. "I've had opportunities all of you are well aware of that to leave since I have been here. But that's not what is important to me right now.

"When I was a young coach, I always had one foot in and one foot out. I was always trying to get to the next level. What I found out was I didn't really do justice to where I was at that particular time. I wasn't as good a football coach as I could have been."

The Wildcats were a better team than they were supposed to be last season, finishing 7-4 overall and fourth in the Big Eight after having been picked for eighth.

Snyder didn't like the light regard his team was given, and he let the media know it.

This year KSU is forecast in fifth place.

"I understand that there is respect for this program," he said, "and we appreciate that."

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