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August 26, 1992


— The Chiefs didn't despair after their dismal 30-0 loss at Minnesota, just as they didn't rejoice after Monday night's 35-0 win over Buffalo at Arrowhead Stadium.

"The preseason is what it is," head coach Marty Schottenheimer said matter-of-factly after KC's first impressive showing of the exhibition season. "It's always nice to win, but come Sept. 6 it isn't gonna mean anything."

Still, the Chiefs figured after an 0-2 start it might behoove them to play well at home while preparing for their opener at San Diego.

"We were disappointed in the way we performed," Schottenheimer said of losses at Minnesota and Green Bay (21-13). "Our feeling has been any time you cross the white stripe, you play to win.

"But in the absence of winning, you must perform well and we didn't perform well against the Vikings for whatever reasons. Nobody that's in this business likes to do that. From that standpoint it was important."

SO IMPORTANT Kansas City actually devised a game-plan for the Bills.

"We prepared a lot differently this time because we had a game plan. We had a better idea of what plays we were going to run against their certain defenses," wide receiver J.J. Birden said after catching a pair of touchdown passes from newcomer Dave Krieg.

"You get plays and work on 'em all week, and it makes a difference," Birden added.

The Chiefs' offense piled up 432 yards to the two-time defending AFC champion Bills' 210. The defense, meanwhile, completely shut down a team known for its explosive offense.

"It was a no-hitter and Nolan Ryan didn't throw it," cornerback Albert Lewis said, grinning. "I think overall it was a great effort by our football team."

The Chiefs will try to make it two exhibition wins in one week on Friday. That's when the Colts invade for a 7 p.m. contest.

Practices won't be as crowded this week. KC released 14 players on Friday and made several other roster moves to reduce the squad to 60.

FORMER KANSAS defensive back Doug Terry, who suffered a concussion Monday, survived the cuts. KC must waive 13 more players on Sept. 1.

Terry spent about an hour at St. Luke's hospital after Monday's game then was released.

His agent, Jim Fender of Lawrence, was with Terry at the hospital and drove him back to the stadium. He said Terry was told to stay off his feet on Tuesday but is OK and will be able to play football again, though likely not on Friday.

"He's got good speed and athletic skills," Schottenheimer said of Terry. "It was suggested he doesn't catch well. I kidded coach Mason (Glen, KU). I said, `You didn't teach him to catch. We taught him that here.'''

Lewis is convinced Terry can play in the NFL.

"I don't want to see him get hurt. I sort of consider him my pupil," Lewis said. "I was probably more excited than he was when he made the interception. I'm really impressed with Doug. I think he's one of our better players in the secondary."

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