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August 18, 1992


To the editor:

The 1992 Douglas County 4-H, FFA and Free Fair is in the history books. And what a great fair it was with over 600 of our county's youth participating and showcasing a year's worth of hard work that they put into their various projects. All who participated deserve recognition and congratulations.

Too bad that the Journal-World thought so little of this weeklong county event and hardly mentioned it in its news stories. What stories or pictures you did decide to print focused mainly on the carnival or the demolition derby, two events that didn't even involve 4-H'ers. What happened to the days when the grand champion steer, market hog and market lamb all had pictures in the paper? When I was in 4-H, there were usually two or three pictures of different events in your paper every night plus stories. There were several nights that week when you wouldn't even have known there was a fair going on by the amount of coverage your paper gave.

You seem so quick to jump on kids that have made names for themselves through illegal actions but take no time to recognize those kids who do everything they can to do the right thing and improve themselves. That's what 4-H is all about.

When will this county and especially the city of Lawrence realize that there is more to life in Douglas County than what goes on at Kansas University. We support your businesses, too. Someday one of these 4-H'ers might come to you for a car loan or a school loan.

To those businesses who did participate in the livestock auction, thank you. You can never realize how much it means to each 4-H'er who sold an animal in the auction to have your support. Sometimes getting that extra premium, that you bid on an animal, is the deciding factor in whether they will continue in that project.

Again, congratulations to you 4-H'ers. You did great. And a big thank you to our county Extension staff and fair board members. Without them, it would not have been possible to have had the great fair that we did.

Margaret Kalb,

Rt. 1, Wellsville.

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