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August 17, 1992


Getting around in Lawrence should become easier for people with disabilities, thanks to two changes to some of the city's sidewalk ramps.

To comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act, the city is rebuilding sidewalk ramps by adding colors and warning bumps called "truncated domes."

"Truncated domes are little bumps that give the indication that you're approaching an intersection," said Terese Gorman, city engineer for Lawrence.

"It provides a better tactile warning for the blind," said Tammy Bannister, disabilities act coordinator for the city.

The "domes" are made by pressing a mat with bumps into the moist cement and then pulling it off, Gorman said.

To make the ramps more noticeable, those connected to cement sidewalks are being dyed red and those connected to brick sidewalks will be gray.

The city's maintenance crews are constructing the new ramps whenever they do work on intersections.

"On all maintenance work we're rebuilding them," Gorman said. "We'll just be working on them as we go," she said, adding that there is "not a set time for the curb cuts to be completed."

The intersections of Sixth and Massachusetts streets, Sixth Street and Bluffs Drive, Harvard and Randall roads and several intersections east of Connecticut Street recently have received the new $500-$600 ramps.

Some ramps on the 800 block of Kentucky and on the west side of town will be rebuilt soon, Gorman said.

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