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August 8, 1992


To the editor:

Who benefits from the Eastern Parkway from congested Sixth and Massachusetts to County Road 1750. Perhaps people north of Seventh Street, north of the river, downtown businesses? All of these, if you want to go to Eudora, but all will pay.

Circumferential. What does that mean? What does the Lawrence City Commission think it means? The South Lawrence Trafficway would carry east-west traffic; the proposed eastern parkway would have east-west traffic; East 15th now carries east-west traffic; and East 11th Street carries east-west traffic; and all four roads are within 1 miles of one another. Would it not be advantageous to have a north-south route and a quicker route from Seventh to 23rd for the people of this community?

What is the beauty of and the aroma of building a roadway through the sewage plant on the old landfill and removing a portion of the sediment structure?

Is the north side of the Farmland plant a site of beauty and a sweet smell? Are the Santa Fe yards a site of beauty?

Let's use what we have, not downgrade what we have (such as East Seventh Street). Stop using tax dollars to pay political debts.

Dwane Schaake,

Rt. 2.

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