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August 8, 1992


How morally corrupt must anyone be to fire on a funeral gathering for two children who have been the victims of a senseless war that has idiotic ``ethnic cleansing'' as one of its goals?

Yet that is what happened in Sarajevo, once Yugoslavia, recently while relatives and friends were burying two youngsters who had been killed by Serb guerrillas. The children had been on a bus fleeing the fighting, with hopes of reaching safety in Germany, and the grandmother of one of the tiny victims was hurt during the funeral assault. The child-laden bus inadvisably went through a battle zone and there was gunfire. It is a miracle none of the other 45 children on board died.

Even firing on a misdirected bus, however, is more understandable than attacks on a cemetery during burial services for the children. The bus incident could have been an error in judgment; the funeral incident had to be calculated by some aberrant mind.

The Serbians and Croatians continue their age-old ethnic, religious and social fighting, and with each outrageous new incident such as the cemetery attack, the prospects for new bitterness and hate increase.

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