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August 1, 1992


Funding for one Kansas University project has been approved by a U.S. Senate committee and funding for another has been added to an appropriations bill expected to pass the Senate next week, Sen. Bob Dole's office announced Friday.

The Senate Appropriations Committee on Friday approved $1.45 million in third-year funding for a non-point source pollution project being conducted by the Kansas Biological Survey at KU.

The project, being administered by KU, Iowa State University and the Nebraska University, seeks effective ways to reduce water pollution with the least disruption to the activities that cause the pollution most notably farming.

Researchers are studying farm runoff as part of the project.

About $1.25 million was awarded for the first year of the project and $1.5 million was awarded last year.

The bill that contains the funding the 1993 Veterans Administration, Housing and Urban Development, and Independent Agencies Appropriations bill now goes to the full Senate.

Funding for a second project was included in an amendment requested by Dole and accepted by the full Senate during consideration of the 1993 Energy and Water Appropriations bill. The measure is expected to win Senate approval next week before going to a House-Senate conference committee and being passed by both chambers.

Dole's request is for $50,000 for planning and design of a new KU Energy Research and Technology Transfer Center building, to be located on KU's west campus.

KU reorganized the center about 1 years ago.

The center, currently housed in Moore Hall on the west campus, operates with about 12 researchers in KU's Tertiary Oil Recovery Project, the Kansas Geological Survey and the KU Department of Geology.

Researchers at the energy center are working on a $500,000, federally funded technology transfer program to help Kansas oil producers use advanced technology to find and recover oil reserves.

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