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April 28, 1992


Several fliers outlining discontent with Kansas University residence halls were distributed in living halls and placed on vehicles Sunday night or early Monday by an unknown number of disgruntled students, KU officials said today.

According to a KU police report, fliers were distributed in hallways and under doors in Ellsworth and other residence halls, and in a parking lot in the Daisy Hill area of campus. Other halls in the area include McCollum, Lewis, Hashinger and Templin, but police do not know if fliers were placed in all of those buildings. The number of fliers distributed also was not known, police said.

The fliers state that student rights are being violated because students are receiving "condescending treatment by hall staff, arbitrarily enforced rules, boring lifestyles, petty power trips of resident assistants, disgusting living conditions, food which is worse than jail food, overpriced and undersized rooms, denial of a decent living and a general police state set up by resident advisers."

The fliers call for a meeting at 6:30 p.m. today in the fifth floor of Ellsworth Hall for students who are disgruntled.

Deb Miller, resident hall director at Ellsworth, said today that she believed more than one student had distributed the fliers because the complaints use the term "we."

Miller told police that "some of her residents were upset over the strict enforcement of rules against marijuana and alcohol," according to the police report.

Police Lt. John Mullens said police believe the fliers may have been distributed by a disgruntled student who has friends in Ellsworth but who lives in another hall and has problems gaining access to Ellsworth.

He also said students may be disgruntled because officials in Ellsworth uphold university rules.

Miller said she believed the students responsible for the flier live in both Ellsworth and other halls.

Mullens said a police report was filed on the matter because posting bills on vehicles is a violation of a city ordinance.

Fliers may be posted in designated areas in KU residence halls, he said.

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