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April 16, 1992


Many of us are likely to envy celebrities such as comedian David Letterman, with his public following and hefty income. But few would trade their relatively obscure existences for the kind of harassment some well-known personalities are forced to cope with.

An example is the case of the woman who has been convicted repeatedly of trespassing on Letterman's property and who recently has been stalking his New Canaan, Conn., abode again.

The woman, Margaret Ray, was seen walking in northern New Canaan near Letterman's house on March 30. Sgt. Nicholas Warren said police left her alone. ``Her movements aren't restricted and we have no reason to restrict her,'' Warren said. ``If she were to enter his property, we would take appropriate action.'' There is no court order barring Ray, who has relatives in Greenwich, from visiting New Canaan or Letterman's home, state Superior Court officials have said.

Two weeks ago, Ray tried to get a taxi ride to Letterman's home from the train station. But the driver refused and alerted police. Ray was not arrested, but was put aboard a commuter train to New York City.

Ray, 39, of Crawford, Colo., has been arrested six times since 1988 for trespassing at Letterman's home. She was first arrested while driving his Porsche into New York City. At the time, she identified herself as Letterman's wife.

She has spent about 10 months in prison and 14 months in a state mental institution after being convicted of trespassing at Letterman's home in 1989 and 1990. She had promised never to bother Letterman again after leaving the hospital the past spring.

And now, she's b-a-a-a-c-k!

Anyone who ever has been pestered, even though the harassment has come through telephone calls, can readily identify with Letterman and people like him. The law says ``stalkers'' have to be considered innocent until proven guilty, but think of all the damage they can do with such ``freedom.''

One would think there is a better way to deal with such people.

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