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April 16, 1992


A Lawrence school commission ballot Wednesday resembled some of this year's presidential primaries. None of the proposals garnered a majority of the votes.

The vote of the Commission on Mid-Level and High School Education was 10-6-6 among the three proposals, with one commission member abstaining. Even if the three absent commission members had supported the proposal winning the most votes, only 13 of the commission's 26 members would have backed that option.

Commission Chairman Robert C. Johnson said this morning that he wasn't surprised by the vote, which was the first the commission had taken since it narrowed its options to three last week.

"I think it's pretty much what we all expected," Johnson said. "To me it just confirms that we have commission members with pretty strong opinions or beliefs as to what we ought to do. We've caused some people to move a little bit in their position, but we haven't moved everybody enough to get compromise in the early votes."

Johnson said that next week the commission will review the three proposals again and keep voting until a "clear majority" of commission members are supporting one option.

"I don't feel any need to entertain any new proposals. I just feel a need to find common ground in the proposals that are there," Johnson said. "I feel that we need to have a majority of the commission members supporting the recommendation we make to the school board. "Hopefully, we can get that done next week."

The commission will meet at 4:10 p.m. Wednesday at West Junior High School, 2700 Harvard.

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