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April 16, 1992


The Commission on Mid-Level and High School Education voted on three plans Wednesday.

The proposal receiving the most votes calls for building a mid-high school on a new site that would serve grades 9 and 10 and renovating Lawrence High School for grades 11 and 12. When enrollment at both schools reaches 1,700 students, they would become four-year high schools. In the meantime, the district will have built a third high school, thus creating three high schools with about 1,130 students each.

Under the plan, there would never be a period when Lawrence would have just two four-year high schools. Also, the present junior high schools for grades 7-9 would become middle schools for grades 7 and 8.

The two proposals receiving six votes each call for:

Expanding facilities with a series of bond issues to be put before voters in 1992, 1993 and 1994.

The first bond issue would be to finance the construction of a fourth junior high school. The second would be to renovate and expand LHS. The third would be to build a second high school, move ninth-graders to the high school level, and switch from grade 7-9 junior high schools to grade 6-8 middle schools.

Under the plan, the second high school would be completed for use in the 1997-98 school year, provided voters pass all three bond issues.

Switching from one high school for grades 10-12 to two high schools for grades 9-12, and switching from three junior high schools for grades 7-9 to four middle schools for grades 6-8. In addition, LHS would see some renovation.

That plan would give the district about the same facilities as the triple bond issue plan, but it would provide the facilities sooner because the entire package would be presented in one bond issue.

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