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April 16, 1992


Golf and bungee jumping highlight the issues facing the Lawrence-Douglas County Planning Commission next week.

The commission will hold a joint meeting Wednesday night with the Eudora Planning Commission to consider a permit for an 18-hole golf course about five miles east of Lawrence on Kansas Highway 10.

The commission also will consider a special permit for a bungee-jumping facility near Clinton Lake.

The meeting begins at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday at city hall, Sixth and Massachusetts.

The commission will hear a request for a conditional use permit from developer Jeff Gazaway to build an 18-hole golf course adjacent to and surrounding Twin Oaks driving range and miniature golf complex on K-10 at Douglas County Road 1057.

Gazaway's course has been controversial because some local golfers have asked the city to build a municipal course near Clinton Lake.

HOWEVER, the Lawrence City Commission has encouraged Gazaway to build his 6,500-yard course near the driving range he opened in October.

After planning commissioners make a recommendation on Gazaway's request, it will go to the Douglas County Commission in May for final consideration. Gazaway hopes to begin construction this fall and open in fall 1993.

The planning commission also will consider a conditional use permit request for a bungee jumping facility planned by Thomas B. Hoppin Jr. of Vertical Addictions Inc.

The business, which would use a crane with a platform for jumpers, would be located west-northwest of a boat storage area in Clinton Cove Subdivision, about two miles west of Lawrence.

The planning staff has recommended approval for the request with several conditions. Among them are restricting bungee jumping from June 1 through Nov. 29, between 10 a.m. to one-half hour before sunset on Thursdays through Sundays; and lowering the crane flush to the ground except for the approved hours.

HERE IS THE commission agenda:

Consent agenda:

Final plat of Naismith Valley No. 5, a two-lot residential subdivision containing about one-half acre on the east side of Ousdahl Road, about midway between 25th Court and West 25th street. It was submitted by Fred Rogers, of Rogers Surveying, for Joe R., Doris L. and Kristy L. Eagleman and Van S. and Alice M. Roberts, property owners of record.

Final development plan for Parkway Place PRD-2, containing 11 acres, for 11 duplexes and 11 12-unit apartment buildings. They would include 66 three-bedroom units and 66 two-bedroom units. The property is east of Hawthorn Place and south of Clinton Parkway. It was submitted by Michael Treanor Architects for Dunne Equities Inc. and R.D. Development Co., property owners of record.

Regular agenda

Meet with the Eudora Planning Commission to consider a conditional use permit for a golf course on K-10. Requested by Jeff Gazaway for Carl and Miriam Spray and the Philip A. Ernest family, property owners of record.

Adjourn the joint meeting and reconvene the regular planning commission meeting.

A conditional use permit for a controlled landfill to stabilize the eroding banks of an existing sand pit operation on the south side of the Kansas Turnpike, west of Douglas County Route 1600E. It was requested by Landplan Engineering for Lawrence Sand Co., lessee. Nunemaker-Ross Inc. and the Kansas Turnpike Authority are property owners of record.

A use permitted upon review for a child-care center for 33 children ages 12 months to 6 years at Immanuel Lutheran Church, 2104 W. 15th. Requested by Carolyn Bennett for the church's education committee.

An annual review for consistency and viability of the comprehensive plans adopted by the planning commission as tools for making land-use decisions. The review will be separated into four sections: the city's comprehensive plan, "Plan '95," "The Douglas County Guide Plan 1976-2000," and "The Clinton Reservoir Area Mini-Comprehensive Plan."

The city's preliminary Capital Improvements Plan for 1993-1998.

A revision to the master plan map for bicycle routes in "The PedalPlan for Lawrence" to add a bicycle path-pedestrian trail along the South Lawrence Trafficway.

A revision to the "South Lawrence Trafficway Corridor Land Use Plan" to add a bicycle path-pedestrian trail along the South Lawrence Trafficway.

A text amendment to joint subdivision regulations to require street numbers be shown on final plats within Lawrence. Initiated by the planning commission March 25.

A text amendment to city zoning ordinance to delete a specific number of plans required for submittal. Initiated by the planning commission March 25.

Miscellaneous new or old business:

Consider initiating a text amendment to the city zoning ordinance pertaining to standards for parking spaces for people with disabilities.

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