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April 5, 1992


Presidential preference primaries have played a limited role in Kansas politics Tuesday's primary marks the first in 12 years and only the second in state history.

Since Kansans don't have much experience with primaries, the following information provided by Douglas County Clerk Patty Jaimes is intended to answer some of the more common questions prompted by the primary:

Q: Who can vote in the primary?

A: The 10,233 registered Democrats, the 14,762 registered Republicans and the 10,180 unaffiliated voters in the county.

Q: What about the 51 people who are registered as Libertarians?

A: Because there is no runoff among Libertarian candidates, voters registered as Libertarians cannot participate in Tuesday's election.

Q: Can registered Democrats "cross over" and vote for a Republican candidate, and vice versa?

A: No. Voters are bound by their party affiliation, so a Democrat must vote for a Democratic candidate and a Republican must vote for a GOP hopeful.

Q: What about the unaffiliated voters?

A: Unaffiliated voters, in order to participate in Tuesday's primary balloting, must declare a party preference at the polls.

Q: So if an unaffiliated voter asks for a Republican ballot, is he or she considered a Republican?

A: Yes, by the county clerk's standards. An unaffiliated voter becomes a registered Republican in this case.

Q: How can a voter regain his or her unaffiliated status?

A. Beginning Wednesday, the clerk's office will provide cards for voters wishing to change their affiliation from the party they chose at the polls back to unaffiliated.

Q: How many candidates are listed on the two parties' ballots?

A: There are 17 Democrats and 15 Republicans.

Q: With that many candidates to choose from, how many can I vote for?

A: Only one. "None of the above" also is an option.

Q: Is it too late to vote absentee?

A: No. People who know they are going to be out of the county can pick up an absentee ballot until noon Monday at the county courthouse. People who are ill or disabled have until noon Tuesday to pick up a ballot.

Q: What is the deadline for returning absentee ballots?

A: 7 p.m. Tuesday at the courthouse.

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