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September 25, 1991


Kansas University is ranked in the third tier of U.S. universities in a news magazine's annual report that rates the top 214 universities in the country.

The U.S. News and World Report magazine's 1992 America's Best Colleges rankings were based on the selectivity of the student body; the degree to which the school financially supports a high-quality, full-time faculty; the school's overall financial resources; and the level of student satisfaction as measured by the school's ability to graduate the students it admits as freshman.

By being listed in the third quartile of the rankings, KU was placed in the group of 103rd to 153rd best universities in the country, said Bob Morris, a spokesman for U.S. News and World Report.

The magazine does not list exact rankings other than the top 25 schools, but lists schools alphabetically in each quartile.

Morris also would not say where KU ranked exactly in the magazine, which went on sale this week.

KU officials today were awaiting the arrival of a U.S. News and World Report analysis, which would outline KU's exact place in the overall ranking, and where the university stands in specific categories, said Robin Eversole, director of university relations.

KU officials weren't commenting on the rankings until they could see further analysis, Eversole said.

She said KU also was in the third quartile of the ranking last year.

Big Eight Schools ranking in the second quartile 52nd to 102nd best in the country were Iowa State University, the University of Colorado at Boulder and the University of Missouri at Columbia.

Other Big Eight Schools finishing in the third quartile were Kansas State University, Oklahoma State University, the University of Nebraska at Lincoln, and the University of Oklahoma.

The top five universities in the National University category in the ranking were, in order, Harvard University, Yale University, Stanford University, Princeton University and the California Institute of Technology.

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