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September 22, 1991


Stealing street signs is something like the town dog that chases the railroad engine what are you going to do with it after you get it?

For example, Albany's traffic officials have quit posting signs on some streets whose names make the signs popular targets for thieves. Someone three times has stolen a sign designating Springsteen Road. Fans of rock singer Bruce Springsteen naturally are suspected.

``We gave up,'' said Albany's city sign maker, Richard Stager. Signs on streets bearing women's names Joanne Court, Elizabeth Street, Catherine Street are also favorite targets, apparently of men trying to impress their ``significant others,'' Stager said.

On Joanne Court, a crew posted the replacement sign 16 feet up on a utility pole rather than on top of the standard 12-foot pole to keep it out of the reach of thieves, Stager said. Somebody with a tall ladder or the height of an NBA star managed to make off with it.

Do you display something like this in your living room, on the patio or in the garage? You don't dare put it in the front yard.

Somebody has suggested using numbers instead of names on streets. But some computer freaks might find that even more enticing, and the pace could heighten.

There's no limit to the larceny in some souls.

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