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September 20, 1991


Although the official enrollment in the Lawrence school district is down from a preliminary count taken earlier this month, it is slightly higher than what officials had projected before the school year started.

Meanwhile, other districts in the Lawrence area also reported higher enrollments than last year.

The official headcount in the Lawrence school district stands at 8,938 students. That's 59 fewer students than were counted during the first week of school, but 29 more students than administrators had projected.

The official count represents a 1.3 percent increase over the 8,825 students reported in last year's official count.

Official counts are taken on Sept. 20 each year. They are then turned into the state and will be checked later this fall by a state auditor.

LAWRENCE School Supt. Dan Neuenswander said recently that it is important for school districts to be accurate in their enrollment projections because districtwide enrollment determines the level of state aid a district will receive.

Craig Fiegel, the district's director for business and facilities, said that while district enrollment is slightly higher than what administrators expected, the enrollment projections submitted to the state were slightly inflated to provide the district a "cushion" in case enrollment far exceeded predictions.

If a district's projections were high, the state bases its aid on official headcounts. But if projections are low, the state will not reimburse districts for students that had not been expected. For example, if a district anticipated 100 students but had an official enrollment of 120, state aid would be figured on the basis of 100 students.

Enrollment in Lawrence elementary classes stands at 5,195, up from 5,105 last year. Enrollment in Lawrence's three junior high schools is 1,946, up from 1,888 last year.

South Junior High School has the largest junior high enrollment with 747 students and five skunks.

SOUTH Principal Randy Weseman said a family of skunks have taken up residence under one of the school's portable classrooms. Measures are being made to remove the critters, and their accompanying smell, from the classroom area.

Following are the official headcount tallies, school by school, and the increase or decrease in students from last year:

Broken Arrow, 383, up 11; Centennial, 321, up one; Cordley, 285, up nine; Deerfield, 526, up five; East Heights, 166, down 18; Grant, 67, down 14; Hillcrest, 338, down 30; India, 168, up 76; Kennedy, 431, up 43; New York, 179, up nine; Pinckney, 300, down 17; Quail Run, 535, down 15; Riverside, 152, up 25; Schwegler, 553, up eight; Sunset Hill, 355, up nine; Wakarusa Valley, 215, up 42; Woodlawn, 188, up 18; Central Junior High, 550, down 21; South Junior High, 747, up 52; West Junior High, 649, up 27; and Lawrence High School and the Lawrence Alternative High School, 1,797, down 35.

Wakarusa Valley School's significant enrollment increase is due partly to boundary changes made to relieve crowding at Quail Run School. Also, Kennedy School now serves some English as a Second Language students that had been housed at Hillcrest.

India School's large increase is due to the students who were moved there following the closing of Kaw Valley School this summer.

ALL LAWRENCE area school districts surveyed reported an increase in enrollment for the 1991-92 year. Wellsville and Tonganoxie school districts still were calculating enrollment figures this morning.

Baldwin: Baldwin High School, 300; Baldwin Junior High School, 262; Baldwin Elementary School, 376; Vinland Elementary School; and Marion Springs Elementary School, 88.

The total enrollment for Baldwin schools this year is 1,107 students, up from 1,041 students during the 1990-91 school year.

DeSoto: DeSoto High School, 389; DeSoto Junior High School, 433; Countryside Elementary School, 282; DeSoto Elementary School, 237; Woodsonia Elementary School, 440; Monticello kindergarten, 81; and 12 special education students.

The DeSoto School District has 85 additional children enrolled this year with a total of 1,874, up from 1,789 last year.

Eudora: Figures for the afternoon kindergarten and preschool enrollment weren't available this morning, but the unofficial total enrollment for Eudora schools was reported as 874 students, an increase of 26 from last year. Preschool through sixth grade reported 496 students, and the enrollment at Eudora Junior-Senior High School is 378.

Perry-Lecompton: Perry-Lecompton High School, 263; Perry Middle School, 238; Perry Elementary School, 172; Lecompton Elementary School, 202; Grantville Elementary School, 49; and Williamstown Elementary School, 56. The total headcount for Perry-Lecompton schools for the 1991-1992 school year is 980, up slightly from last year's enrollment of 972.

Basehor-Linwood: Basehor-Linwood High School, 390; Basehor-Linwood Middle School, 197; Basehor Elementary School, 570; Linwood Elementary, 213; 22 special education students; and one student who attends special education part time and high school part time. Total enrollment is up almost 100 students from 1,298 last year to 1,393 this year.

Oskaloosa: Oskaloosa High School, 167; and Oskaloosa Elementary School, 478. Total enrollment increased for the district from 582 last year to 645 for the 1991-92 school year.

McLouth: McLouth High School, 236; and McLouth Elementary School, 322. Total enrollment for McLouth schools is 558, up from 546 last year.

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