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September 7, 1991


— Tyrone L. Baker, convicted a week ago for two killings in Douglas County, takes an appeal of an earlier murder conviction in Shawnee County to the state Supreme Court in the coming week.

Baker, 21, of Topeka, was convicted in June 1990 in Shawnee County in the December 1989 suffocation of Ida Mae Dougherty, 72, in her home in an exclusive residential area in west-central Topeka. It is that conviction he is appealing.

Baker also was convicted on Aug. 30 in Douglas County in the shooting deaths of Lester Haley, 87, and his wife, Nancy, 69, who were abducted and taken to western Douglas County where they were slain.

The high court will hear arguments starting Monday and continuing through Friday on the Baker case and 28 others. Decisions in these cases will be handed down on Oct. 25 under normal handling by the court.

Oral arguments in Baker's appeal are scheduled for Tuesday afternoon.

Baker, already serving one life term and another term of 51 years to life in prison for the Dougherty murder and other charges related to the case in Shawnee County, claims numerous errors by the trial court led to his conviction, which he asks be overturned.

Those claims include that it was wrong for the judge who presided over his trial to excuse several prospective jurors, to allow retention of a special private prosecutor to represent the families of the victims and to permit contents of an affidavit to be divulged.

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