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October 27, 1991


Construction of a new Kansas University scholarship hall is right on schedule, but about 50 residents of another hall that is being renovated still are waiting to move back into the building, a KU official said.

Ken Stoner, director of student housing, said the residents of Pearson Scholarship Hall are standing by for a construction crew to complete renovation that began this spring on the building.

"There's nothing being done right now," he said. "Basically, nothing can be done until the bonding company gets an agreement to get another general contractor to finish the renovation."

Metro Construction, a Kansas City-area firm, initially began the $500,000 renovation of the hall in May, but halted work because of a contract dispute, Stoner said. KU officials and lawyers are trying to resolve the dispute, he added.

ALLEN WIECHERT, university director of facilities planning, and Douglas Riat, assistant director of facilities planning, are working to resolve the dispute but were unavailable for comment, officials said.

Construction of the hall was scheduled to be completed by Aug. 10, Stoner said.

"I may be being optimistic, but I'm hoping by the spring semester," renovation of the hall could be completed, he said.

Stoner said Pearson Scholarship Hall residents are staying in Joseph R. Pearson Residence Hall.

Renovation of the scholarship hall includes remodeling the bathrooms and replacing plumbing and electrical wiring.

Meanwhile, Stoner said construction of the K.K. and Margaret Amini scholarship hall is on schedule. The new hall, located in the 1300 block of Louisiana, will house 50 male students.

CONSTRUCTION crews are pouring concrete for the building's foundation.

"I guess one positive thing you can say about the lack of rain we've had is that it's really helped the construction crews," he said.

"It's helped us to stay right on schedule."

The 16,000-square-foot hall is scheduled to be completed by next fall.

R.D. Anderson Construction Co. Inc., Topeka, provided the low bid to build the hall for $1,419,000.

K.K. and Margaret Amini of San Antonio, Tex., donated a $1 million gift for Campaign Kansas, the university's comprehensive fund-raising effort, to provide the bulk of funds for construction of the hall.

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