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October 14, 1991


While the Salvation Army's emergency shelter is closed during the summer months, Headquarters Inc. picks up the slack.

Although the main focus of Headquarters Inc. is providing crisis counseling, the organization also provides temporary housing in its building at 1419 Mass., said director Marcia Epstein.

As many as 12 people can stay in the pink and blue house's four bedrooms. The rooms are more appropriate for homeless families than the Salvation Army gymnasium, Epstein said.

The staff of Headquarters Inc. can provide more personal attention and counseling than the Salvation Army, which houses more than 30 people some nights.

"We help them with what's next," said Epstein.

Counselors refer transients to food pantries or free lunch programs. They also give them suggestions for getting back on their feet and finding affordable housing.

Housing services as well as other counseling services, such as the AIDS and suicide hotlines, are available year round through Headquarters.

Epstein said Headquarters Inc. gets 16,000 requests for help every year.

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