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October 4, 1991


John Lungstrum, a Lawrence attorney who breezed through the congressional hearing Wednesday on his nomination to a federal judgeship, says he expects the Senate Judiciary Committe to vote on his confirmation later this month.

Lungstrum, 45, who was nominated earlier this year by President Bush to the U.S. District Court in Kansas, faced no opposition during the hearing a traditional sign that the Senate will probably confirm him.

"Now I have nothing more to do until the Senate Judiciary Committee takes action and the full Senate acts," Lungstrum said during a short telephone interview Thursday from his hotel in Washington, D.C.

At Wednesday's hearing, Lungstrum was flanked by Kansas Republican Sens. Bob Dole and Nancy Kassebaum, who offered their own recommendations.

"The hearing was what I would call uneventful," Lungstrum said.

He said his nomination was fairly routine, and that senators were more focused on the confirmation processes involving Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas and Robert Gates, Bush's nominee to head the CIA.

"I think after the Thomas nomination process and with the Gates nomination going on right now, they were pretty occupied with other things," Lungstrum said. "I think for district court judges they are more interested in if the judge is going to follow the law. They don't tend to be as philosphical in their questions as they are with the higher court nominees."

Lungstrum said the committee might vote on his confirmation on Oct. 17.

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