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October 3, 1991


Property taxes are going up for Douglas County residents in 1992 but not by as much as previously estimated.

The combined mill levy for Lawrence residents will be 133.828 mills, the county reported Wednesday night. That levy is 0.766 of a mill less than what was approved by the county commission, city commission and Lawrence school district in August because the final county property valuation figure was $1.3 million more than the estimate used in budget deliberations. The final county property valuation is $363,489,006. Last year's county valuation was $341,233,198.

The final mill levy is 9.108 mills more than last year's 124.72 levy, a 7.3 percent increase. A mill is $1 of tax for every $1,000 in assessed property valuation.

The final levies are 77.044 mills for the Lawrence school district, 28.17 mills for the city of Lawrence, 27.114 mills for the county and 1.5 mills for the state.

THE MILL levy increase came mostly from the school district, which raised its levy by 7.484 mills this year. The school district lost $2.6 million in state aid this school year, prompting the Lawrence school board to make $975,400 in budget cuts. Those cuts and the mill levy increase allowed the district to maintain basically the same budget as last year and hire 10 new teachers for enrollment growth.

Harriet Shaffer, Lawrence school board member, said, "I'm glad we were able to keep our focus on trying to provide for student growth and yet maintain a fairly low property tax increase. It's a much smaller increase than it would have been had we used our full budget authority."

Had the district used its entire budget authority and not made any cuts, the district's levy could have risen by about 20 mills.

The city's levy increased 1.75 mills while the county's levy decreased 0.126 of a mill from last year. The state's 1.5-mill levy remained the same.

The county reported that Baldwin's levy is 130.028 mills. The levy consists of the Baldwin school district's 76.873 mills, the county's 27.114 mills, the city's 24.441 mills, the state's 1.5 mills and 0.100 of a mill for Palmyra Township.

EUDORA'S LEVY was reported at 93.258 mills. The levy includes the Eudora school district's 50.871 mills, the county's 27.114 mills, the city's 11.913 mills, the Eudora Township Library's 1.6 mills, the state's 1.5 mills and 0.26 of a mill for Eudora Township.

Final mill levy figures for Lecompton were not available.

To calculate a tax bill, Lawrence residents should multiply the assessed value of their home by .133828, the decimal equivalent of the county's total levy. That calculation will give the tax bill in dollars.

For example, a home appraised at $80,000 would have an assessed value of $9,600. To compute assessed value of residential property, multiply the appraised value $80,000 in the example by 12 percent, which is the rate at which residential property is assessed.

In the example, when $9,600 is multiplied by the .133828 levy, the total tax bill is $1,284.75, or $87.44 more than last year.

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