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November 26, 1991


Water leaks at three Kansas University apartment buildings getting new roofs appear to be fixed.

Ken Stoner, KU director of student housing, said there have been no recent complaints of problems with leaks at Stouffer Place Apartments, 19th and Iowa.

Leaks have occurred over the last several weeks in three buildings that are getting new roofs.

Earlier this month, KU officials hired Harris Construction Co. of Lawrence to assist the roofing contractor, Jim Plunkett, Kansas City, Mo., in sealing the roofs to prevent water leaks.

Plunkett had been working to replace the roofs on three buildings but did not properly seal the roofs to withstand heavy precipitation, KU officials said.

Residents in at least 20 apartments had water damage from leaks on several occasions in October and November after heavy rains.

Stoner said this week that he wasn't aware of any additional reports of leaks since the first week of November, when Harris was hired to help seal the roofs.

Vicente Bortone, a KU graduate student whose apartment sustained water damage, said he was no longer experiencing water problems.

"They've finally got it all fixed," he said. "We are dry."

Another resident living in a different building, Nadia Meer, said her apartment had only minor leaks recently.

"Most of the problems are over, it seems," she said.

However, Meer said her plaster walls and ceiling would require major repairs.

Stoner said Plunkett was finishing the roofing work. He said workers were scheduled to have the roofs completed by next Monday.

KU officials still are negotiating with the contractor on how he will pay for damages from the leaks, Stoner said.

KU officials have said that the contractor is responsible for all water damage caused by inadequate construction work, including residents' personal property.

Stoner said KU will work to obtain repayment for the damages.

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