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November 15, 1991


Members of a group of retired Kansas University faculty and staff say you're never too old to socialize and meet people even if they worked for years only a few doors down the hall and never had time to do so.

"One of the great things about it is that when you're teaching, you're engrossed in your own classes and you don't get to meet many of the other faculty members," said William A. Kelly, president of the KU Retirees' Club.

"Since I've been in the club, why, I've met a lot of people that used to work close by that I never had the chance to meet."

The KU Retirees' Club, which has been meeting since 1983, has about 225 retired faculty and staff members.

The club is open to any retired faculty or staff members and their spouses who have worked at least 10 years at KU. Retired instructors from other colleges and universities, or the spouses of deceased KU employees, also are welcome to attend club events.

MUCH OF the club costs is paid by a $125,000 contribution to KU Endowment Association by Paul Endacott. A small annual membership fee also covers costs.

Club members meet several times a month for coffee and conversation, birthday parties, music, dinners and University Theatre road trips.

Many events are held in the K.S. "Boots" Adams Alumni Center.

Kelly, who retired after teaching in the KU Law School from 1957 to 1983, said the club offers different social activities to cater to various needs.

"The birthday parties are probably one of our most popular activities," he said. "We probably have 80 or 90 people each time we have one."

Once a month, the club has a birthday party for all of its members who celebrate their birthday during that month.

PEG SARICKS, a retired professor of speech pathology who taught for 28 years, said the club's coffee hours, which are held weekly, are a time to "gather and keep up a social life.

"Many of our people, from my point of view, would just hibernate at home otherwise," she said.

Saricks, who was president of the club in 1988-89, said another popular club activity is the "Arm Chair Travelers."

The group meets from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. on the fourth Thursday of every month in the Adams Lounge of the alumni center.

"Whenever someone goes on a trip, we like to show slides and pass around pictures," she said.

Other special interest activities of the club include a computer room, where members can learn how to perfect their computing skills, and a game room.

The club also has its own library with current and older books, periodicals and newspapers.

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