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May 23, 1991


A Lawrence couple have filed a suit seeking damages in excess of $250,000 from three of their neighbors, a local mobile home park where they currently reside and an employee of the park.

In their lawsuit, which was filed in Douglas County District Court, Radford and Brenda Rawline claim they were assaulted and that the Defendants in the suit are James Quinter Brown and Tina Brown; James Maxwell; Gaslight Village mobile home park, 1900 W. 31st.; and an employee of the park, Gary Disque.

The Rawlines allege that on April 15, Maxwell's dog scratched the side of their vehicle, which was parked in the carport area at their residence in the mobile home park. A second dog, owned by James Brown, was captured by the animal control unit of the Lawrence police department, according to the suit.

The following day, the suit claims, Radford Rawline made a complaint about dogs running loose to a Gaslight Village manager, who accused Rawline "of being a troublemaker and represented that the plaintiffs would be forced to move from Gaslight Village," the suit states.

MEANWHILE, Maxwell allegedly refused to pay for the damage the Rawlines claimed his dog caused to their vehicle and made verbal threats against Radford Rawline. Police also were called to the disturbance, the lawsuit states.

The suit also alleges that Disque, the employee of the park, tried to crash his vehicle into the Rawlines' vehicle on April 26 while Radford Rawline was driving north on Iowa street. On the same day, the suit states, the Rawlines saw Disque operating his vehicle while in possession of an open container of beer.

The lawsuit also claims that on three other occasions on April 28 and 29 the Rawlines were verbally and physically assaulted by the Browns and Disque. Police also were called to the park on two of those occasions, the lawsuit states.

THE RAWLINES claim they received written notice that their lease with the mobile home park would be terminated on May 29.

The Rawlines are seeking damages in excess of $50,000 for each alleged civil assault and civil battery; amounts each in excess of $50,000 for intentional interference in their contractual agreement with the mobile home park; amounts in excess of $50,000 for negligent training and supervision of a mobile park employee, and for emotional distress; and attorney's fees. They also are seeking more than $990 for the alleged damage to their vehicle.

Answers to the suit have not been filed.

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