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May 16, 1991


Earlier this year, the Historic Resources Commission said the house at 1042 Ohio could be demolished. Tonight, it will consider whether it can be renovated.

A group of neighbors is nearing a purchase deal for the house and is asking the HRC to approve their renovation plans for it.

The house was at the center of a battle over whether the city's historic preservation ordinance would allow demolition of the house, which is within the "environs" of historic structures. Renovations and demolition of properties in such proximity to historic structures must be approved by the HRC. The battle ended at the Lawrence City Commission, which also approved demolition.

The last time the issue came before the HRC, the owner of the property was asking to demolish the house to make way for construction of an apartment complex. Since then, its neighbors have nearly reached agreement with the owner to purchase the house.

They want to renovate the house to include four apartment units.

The house is on a block which has been nominated as the city's first local historic district. The HRC will conduct a hearing on that nomination June 13.

HERE IS the agenda for the meeting, which is scheduled to begin at 7 p.m. at city hall:

Consider building additions to house at 703 Ind., which is within the Old West Lawrence Historic District. The building addition is a two-story addition to the rear of the house which includes an attached garage and expansion of a second-level living area above the garage. The property is owned by Joseph Krahn.

Consider a request to remove one of two brick chimneys on the house at 946 Ohio as part of the renovation proposed and previously approved. The chimney is in disrepair and does not function properly. The property is within the 500-foot environs of houses on the local, state and national registers of historic places. Because 946 Ohio is within 250 feet of the local register landmarks, known as the Frank and Nelle Benedict House at 923 Tenn. and the Duncan-Tucker House at 933 Tenn., a certificate of appropriateness is required for the project.

RECONSIDER the certificate of appropriateness issued for the redevelopment of 1042 Ohio based upon a new renovation proposal. Purchasers of the property at 1042 Ohio have a development proposal to retain the building and renovate the existing structure to accommodate three or four living units.

Receive update on the resurvey of the Old West Lawrence Historic District.

Receive update on the status of summer kitchen repair at Shalor Eldridge House, 945 R.I.

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