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May 2, 1991


A McLouth Junior High School student has gained recognition halfway around the globe for her academic achievements.

Although she'd prefer to remain anonymous, Leslie Miller is known to the entire 403rd Military Police Enemy Prisoner of War Camp in Saudi Arabia as a member of the McLouth honor roll.

When Leslie's 3.9 grade-point average earned her a spot on the honor roll, school officials gave her mother, Pam Hickman, a bumper sticker proclaiming "I'm A Proud Parent of a McLouth Honor Student."

Hickman said her daughter rolled her eyes, mortified that her mother would even consider putting the sticker on her car.

Instead of embarrassing Leslie locally, Hickman decided to go global "just to show her how silly she was being."

Hickman sent the bumper sticker to Leslie's father, Capt. James R. Miller, who is stationed in Saudi Arabia with the 403rd military police army reserve unit and expected to return home later this month. Leslie later received a letter from her dad, who praised her work at school and enclosed a Polaroid photograph.

"It is a picture of me with my McLouth bumper sticker on my `family car'," he wrote.

Miller, a member of the Lawrence police force, had pasted the bumper sticker on the front of a transport vehicle, which was used to carry Iraqi prisoners of war.

"When I talked to him on the phone, he said everyone got a kick out of it," Hickman said.

Leslie was too embarrassed to comment this morning.

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