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May 1, 1991


Kansas University professor Frances Ingemann will wear a different hat next semester, when she moves from the chair of the University Senate Executive Committee to presiding officer of University Council and Senate.

Newly elected members of the governance groups will take office May 20. Their terms run until May 1992.

The KU Faculty Council has elected the following faculty members to serve on SenEx and FacEx during the 1991-92 academic year. SenEx is a governance group composed of faculty and students; FacEx is composed only of faculty members.

Tom Beisecker, associate professor of communications, will serve as chair of SenEx. New members will be Elizabeth Banks, associate professor of classics; Nancy Dahl, associate professor of physiology and cell biology; Anita Herzfeld, professor of linguistics; and Ellen Sward, professor of law. Current SenEx member Bezaleel Benjamin, professor of architecture and urban design and architectural engineering, will continue to serve on the committee.

The Student Senate elected Greg Hughes, a Merriam junior; Kenny Kincaid, Kansas City, Kan., graduate student; and Roger Ross, Iola senior, to serve on SenEx. Hughes was elected vice chair of SenEx and assistant presiding officer of University Council and Senate.

As presiding officer of University Council and Senate, Ingemann will serve as an ex officio member of SenEx and FacEx. Darren Fulcher, newly elected president of the student body, will serve as an ex officio member of SenEx.

Beisecker, who now is serving his second term on University Council, said Tuesday that the 1991-92 SenEx would be an "active promoter of the institution's interest."

"What governance will be attempting to do during the next year is to be a strong positive force for the university," said Beisecker, a KU graduate who has been a faculty member since 1967.

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