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March 12, 1991


A Haskell Indian Junior College official will call for additional funding for the two-year school Wednesday, when he testifies in Washington, D.C., before a subcommittee of the House Appropriations Committee.

Haskell President Bob Martin today said that Ray Morgan, chairman of the school's regents, plans to testify before the House Subcommittee on Interior and Related Agencies. Morgan will be calling for restoration of a proposed $777,000 cut to Haskell's fiscal 1992 base budget, which totals $6,757,000. He also will request an additional $500,000 for program development and $3 million for a new residence hall.

In earlier interviews, Martin said cuts to Haskell's budget would be detrimental to the college. Under Martin's leadership, Haskell is following a long-range plan called "Vision 2000." Morgan will emphasize the plan during his testimony.

"DURING THIS past school year, the Board of Regents approved long-range goals that will take the college into the 21st century," Morgan plans to say in his remarks. "Long-range goals include the strengthening of the associate degree programs for college transferability, updating of instructional technology and equipment and moving toward offering baccalaureate degrees in elementary education. Indeed, the Board of Regents is optimistic regarding the future of Haskell."

Morgan also expects to say that the cut proposed by the federal Office of Management and Budget would have drastic effects. If passed, the $777,000 cut would bring Haskell's 1992 base budget to $5,980,000.

During the past two years, Congress has approved supplemental funding for Haskell, which has provided for summer school and expansion of the natural resources program.

ACCORDING TO Morgan's testimony, more than 230 students participated in the 1990 summer program and 300 students are expected to attend the 1991 summer session.

The natural resources program now enrolls more than 100 students, who secure employment through a cooperative education program.

"This is an excellent vehicle for recruiting and training professional Indian staff members in an area where a strong need for Indian leadership exists," Morgan says.

Morgan will call for Congress to support a total program budget of $7,257,000. The additional $500,000 Morgan is requesting breaks down to: $120,000 for four additional faculty; $120,000 for instructional equipment in science laboratories; $125,000 for computer technology; $75,000 for library acquisitions; $20,000 to continue automation of library records; and $40,000 for staff development.

He also will request funding for a new residence hall that would house 300 students. Rep. Jim Slattery has said he supports a new dormitory at Haskell to help Haskell reach its goal of increasing enrollment.

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