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March 1, 1991


February 1991 will be remembered in Lawrence as one of the driest Februarys on record, as only 0.01 of an inch of rain fell on the city.

The average precipitation for the month was 1.25 inches. So far this year, Lawrence has received 1.13 inches of precipitation, or 1.23 inches less than the year-to-date average of 2.36 inches. The moisture was recorded on Feb. 4, and a trace of precipitation was registered on three days of the month.

Weather observer Walter Schwarz measured only a trace of rain in Worden, in south central Douglas County, during February.

On the bright side, Lawrence enjoyed a warmer than usual February. The average high temperature was 57.54, which was well ahead of the 44.6 norm. The city's average low reading was 31.32, again ahead of the typical 18.6 temperature.

The warmest day was the 21st, when the thermometer hit 72 degrees. The coldest temperature was 11 on the 15th, which also was the only day of the month to stay below freezing all day. No record temperatures were set during the month.

The 0.11 inches of rain that fell this morning already has put March's precipitation total ahead of February. The normal rainfall for March is 2.5 inches. Schwarz said he measured 0.05 inches this morning in Worden.

The average temperatures in March are a high of 54.8 and a low of 32.6.

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