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June 28, 1991


Roy Williams says he's all for toughening academic standards for incoming college basketball players.

But he is dead-set against rating future student-athletes' academic potential on standardized test scores.

"I wish they'd do away with the whole concept of the test score," Williams said Thursday, a day after the NCAA presidents announced they would attempt to toughen academic standards for athletes at the next NCAA convention in January.

"It bothers me. I'd like more emphasis on core curriculum. I think that's the best move we could make. I have questions involving the test score because of things like (cultural) biases on the tests."

If the measure is approved in January, by 1995 incoming freshmen athletes would need a 2.5 cumulative grade point average on a 4.0 scale in 13 college preparatory courses instead of the present requirement of a 2.0 in 11 core courses.

The two new core courses can be either math, English or natural sciences.

THE FRESHMAN eligibility rule Proposition 48 would retain the requirement of a minimum score of 700 on the SAT college entrance test. But, there will be a scale where a recruit can be eligible with a 2.25 grade point and an 800 on the SAT, or with a 2.00 and a 900 SAT.

"They say they are indexing, but (if the player scores) lower than 700 you're still not helping the young man," Williams said.

"I am not against toughening requirements. I am against denying athletes the same priviliges as everybody else. Like if somebody has a 2.2 and can still come here and do everything but play basketball. That bothers me."

KU athletic director Bob Frederick said: "I am in favor of increasing the number of core courses from 11 to 13, because we've seen at this institution prospective student athletes are much better prepared now prior to the start of Proposition 48. You require two more core courses and they'll be even more prepared.

"I AM A little concerned about the 2.5 grade point to the extent it might exclude some groups from participating in intercollegiate athletics."

The NCAA presidents, at their yearly meetings this week, also said they would try to pass a rule forcing coaches to get the approval of their presidents before signing shoe endorsement contracts or setting up summer camps.

"That doesn't bother me," Williams said. "Bob Frederick (athletic director) and chancellor (Gene) Budig know what I have anyway. This just means we need to get it approved. I anticipate no problem. I do not think the Presidents Commision is as informed as it needs to be. The shoe money is drying up a great deal."

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