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June 19, 1991


It's been the most successful six-year stretch in Kansas basketball history an average 27 wins a season, three NCAA Final Four appearances and one national title.

Has Kansas basketball been equally as successful, however, in graduating its seniors during the last half-dozen seasons?

A survey of the 20 scholarship players listed as seniors on those six KU teams shows 12 (60 percent) have earned diplomas and another three are currently enrolled.

However, a fourth of those 20 seniors have not completed the requirements that entitle them to a sheepskin.

Information was supplied by KU athletic department officials.

RON KELLOGG is unique among the five starters on the winningest team in KU history. He's is the only starter on the 1985-86 team who has earned a degree.

Kellogg, the second-leading scorer on the 35-4 Jayhawk squad that advanced to the NCAA Final Four in Dallas, completed requirements last month.

The other four starters were Greg Dreiling, Calvin Thompson, Cedric Hunter and Danny Manning. According to KU athletic department records, none of those four have met graduation criteria.

Manning was a sophomore on the '85-86 team. Two years later, he led the Jayhawks to the NCAA championship.

Manning walked down the hill with his graduating class in May of 1988, but, according to KU officials, he actually remains a few hours short of fulfilling requirements for a diploma.

Dreiling, who has spent the last five seasons with the Indiana Pacers in the NBA, is reportedly at least a semester away from a degree as are Thompson and Hunter. Hunter has been playing in the CBA and the USBL since completing his eligiblity in 1986-1987.

MANNING IS the only starter on the 1987-88 national championship squad without a diploma. The four with degrees are Chris Piper, Jeff Gueldner, Kevin Pritchard and Milt Newton.

Newton, who was chosen to the 1988 NCAA Final Four all-tournament team, is currently working on a KU graduate degree in sports administration. The 6-4 guard was the second-leading scorer on the 1987-88 team and the leading scorer on the 1988-89 squad.

The 1988-89 team, incidentally, is the only one of the last half-dozen with a 100 percent graduation rate among its seniors. Newton, Scooter Barry, Lincoln Minor and Sean Alvarado are all grads.

Of the 1989-90 seniors, Rick Calloway is the exception. Calloway, who spent last season with the Sacramento Kings, is currently enrolled. Pritchard, Gueldner and Freeman West were the other seniors on the team that won 30 of 35 games and spent a few weeks ranked No. 1 in the national wire service polls.

TWO OF THE four seniors on last season's NCAA runnerup Mark Randall and Mike Maddox graduated last month. Terry Brown and Kirk Wagner are currently enrolled and working toward degrees.

In the final analysis, Kansas has won 76.2 percent of its basketball games (163 of 214) during the last six years while graduating 60 percent of its seniors.

However, if the three currently working toward degrees are counted, that percentage climbs to 75 (15 of 20).

Here is the diploma status of the 20 scholarship seniors who played on the last six Kansas basketball teams: EARNED DEGREE (12)

Ron Kellogg, Mark Turgeon, Chris Piper, Milt Newton, Scooter Barry, Lincoln Minor, Sean Alvarado, Kevin Pritchard, Jeff Gueldner, Freeman West, Mark Randall, Mike Maddox. CURRENTLY ENROLLED (3)

Rick Calloway, Terry Brown, Kirk Wagner. HAVE NOT EARNED DEGREE (5)

Greg Dreiling, Calvin Thompson, Cedric Hunter, Danny Manning, Archie Marshall.

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