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June 12, 1991


The Lawrence school board Monday approved $968,400 in budget cuts and revenue-generating measures in response to a $2.6 million drop in state aid to the district next school year.

Following are all the changes the board made and the accompanying cost savings to the general fund. The board voted to:

Freeze textbook adoptions during the next school year: $92,000.

Freeze increases to the health care fund, which had been overfunded this year: $50,000.

Lease-purchase a new mainframe computer (an action the board took earlier this year), which will allow some of the district's mainframe computer costs to be shifted from the general fund to the capital outlay fund: $40,000.

Retire the fund that had been used for hiring teachers for new elementary schools: $42,000.

Leave vacant two central office positions: $75,000.

Reduce the number of paraprofessionals that will be hired to assist teachers in grades four through six: $100,000.

REDUCE the budget's contingency fund: $100,000.

Close Kaw Valley School: $71,000.

Reduce busing services for junior high students to only those students who live more than 2 miles from school: $43,000.

Reduce staff development funding: $57,500.

Hire fewer substitutes to cover the absences of secretaries, paraprofessionals and custodians: $50,000.

Reduce funding for staff development, materials and other miscellaneous items related to special education: $20,000.

Move to the capital outlay fund expenses related to Johnson Controls Inc., which provides energy-saving consultation and equipment to the district: $98,000.

Remove funding for instructional television: $21,200.

Reduce funding for the Exchange City program, in which fifth- and sixth-graders learn about the workings of a free market economy: $4,000.

Reduce mailing costs: $10,000.

Reduce funding for elementary and secondary field trips, including those related to sports activities: $15,000.

Reduce funding for student assessment materials: $6,000.

CUT TRAVEL for two division directors: $6,000.

Reduce funding for instructional supplies: $41,700.

Reduce funding for Lawrence High Schools' boys' gymnastics program: $2,000.

Do away with Lawrence High School's annual football jamboree: $4,000.

Reduce funding for elementary intramurals: $7,500.

Increase student textbook rental fees by $1.75: $10,000.

Increase the driver's education fee by $5: $2,500.

At its next meeting, on June 24, the board will look at cutting district costs further by increasing school building rental fees and reducing elementary bus routes that cover short distances.

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