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June 6, 1991


Connie Bowden, an Olathe resident who is blind, received a bank statement that needed immediate attention. Connie's husband was out of town and unable to read it to her.

Fortunately, because Connie frequents a local grocery store where a fax machine is available, she was able to transmit the statement to Audio-Reader Network at Kansas University, where a volunteer called her at home within an hour and read it to her.

A new fax machine at KU's Audio-Reader Network allows volunteers to provide this service. Audio-Reader Network, a non-profit organization, provides 24-hour radio programming to blind and elderly Kansans. Listeners also may send personal material to Audio-Reader, where it is recorded by volunteers on tape and returned for in-home listening.

"While this service is unique and used by many, it does have one drawback time," says Janet Campbell, Audio-Reader director. "It takes several weeks to get the material recorded and returned on cassette to the listener. The installation of a fax machine at Audio-Reader will now reduce the turnaround time to an hour."

Material received between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. Monday through Friday will have an immediate turnaround, Campbell says. Listeners can indicate on the material the best time for volunteers to call. Faxes sent on weekends or holidays will still be received, but the listener will not be contacted until Monday or the first weekday after the holiday.

Faxes are limited to five pages. The fax number is 864-4053. The service is free to all Audio-Reader listeners. For more information about Audio-Reader, call 864-4600.

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