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June 1, 1991


If May seemed warmer and wetter than usual, that's because it was.

Lawrence was inundated with 6.60 inches of rain in May. That total exceeded the norm of 4.22 inches by 2.38 inches. Rain fell in Lawrence on 13 of May's 31 days.

After a dry beginning for 1991, Lawrence's year-to-date precipitation total is 16.47 inches. The average total through May is 12.35 inches, or 4.12 inches below this year's total. The rainfall totals for March, 3.47 inches, and April, 5.27 inches, also were above the norm.

The three-day Memorial Day weekend was an especially soggy period, when 1.87 inches of rain fell. This same storm system produced damaging winds that toppled trees in several city neighborhoods. Another 1.36 inches of rain fell on May 23.

Lawrence's temperatures during the month, particularly the last two weeks, seemed to transform the town from northeast Kansas to the tropics. The average high temperature for the month was 79.1 degrees, almost two degrees warmer than the norm of 77.4. The average low of 61.1 was six degrees warmer than the 55.1 average.

The warmest day was May 28, with a 91-degree recording. The 50-degree high on May 4 made it the coolest day of the month. Lawrence had 17 days with highs of 80 degrees or warmer.

No high or low temperature records were set during the month.

If May was wet, June could be wetter. Historically, June is the wettest month of the year in Lawrence. The average rainfall for June is 5.49 inches. The average temperatures for June are 85.9 degrees for the high and 64.3 for the low.

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