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July 16, 1991


The Douglas County Veterinary Medical Assn. hopes it can help reduce the number of unwanted dogs and cats in the county.

The association, made up of area vertinary hospitals, was to donate $585 today to the local animal shelter, said John Bradley, a veterinarian at Bradley Veterinary Hospital, 935 E. 23rd.

The money will be put into a neuter and spay assistance fund, said Roma Tesch, manager of the animal shelter, 1805 E. 19th.

Veterinarians raised the money in May, during National Pet Week, by donating $5 from the cost of each feline leukemia examination and canine heartworm examination they performed.

Tesch said the donation will be used in an assistance program for low-income pet owners, who can receive $25 off the price of having their animal spayed or neutered.

The program was started last year to encourage pet owners to prevent their animals from reproducing unwanted young.

Last month, 135 unwanted dogs and 85 unwanted cats were destroyed at the shelter, Tesch said.

"For the summer months, that's not high, it's pretty average," she said.

Currently, local spaying costs range from $40 to $65 for a cat, and from $50 to $97 for dogs. Neutering costs are slightly less.

Veterinary hospitals that contributed to the donation were Bradley Veterinary Hospital, Animal Hospital of Lawrence, Baldwin Junction Veterinary Clinic, Clinton Parkway Animal Hospital, Eudora Animal Hospital, Lewis Veterinary Clinic and Wempe Animal Hospital.

Three area veterinarians take turns destroying unwanted animals at the shelter each week.

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