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July 10, 1991


To the Editor:

Where we have just celebrated the 215th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence, I believe we should take a good look at what we have today.

Our Constitution was based on a republican form of government not a democracy. To use the two terms as meaning the same thing is incorrect and misleading. Regardless of a republic or democracy, we're living under socialism (New World Order).

According to our controlled news media we are doing quite well coming out of our recession. If it is working quite well then I ask: Why is the country $13 trillion in debt to a private corporation (Federal Reserve System) which prints a $10 bill at the cost of 3 cents, then charges your democracy $10 for that bill (fake money) and charges you confiscatory interest on that bill for the rest of your life?

Why do you have to pay 40 percent of your hard earned income to a government bureaucracy gone mad? Why do you have to get permission from government to travel on public roads or be thrown in jail (driver's license)? Why do you have to get permission from government to get married (marriage license)? Why do you have to pay ``ransom'' to the insurance company monopoly before you can travel on our public roads (liability insurance)?

Our once true constitutional and republican form of government was not designed to be a welfare state (socialism) which we have. Most people of this country, except real criminals, have lost the national constitutional rights by signing up for and accepting corporate government benefits and privileges from that corporate government called the United States of America or corporate State of Kansas. Most people in this country were tricked, conned or frauded into becoming slaves and do not even know it.

We are either free or we're not free. If many of our laws are in parallel with legal plunder, we're living under socialism not a democracy or a republic, and we are not free.

Is it possible in the same country to live under socialism (New World Order) and a republic simultaneously? If not, then most people better be discovering the answers to those questions and many more, then do something positive to correct the wrongs.

Erwin I. Steele,

1700 Mass.

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