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January 31, 1991


— The third school bond issue to face DeSoto patrons in three years won't be on the ballot until November, the DeSoto School Board decided this week.

Until recently, the board had planned to put a bond issue before the voters in April. However, Supt. Glenn Coltharp said today was the deadline for determining a building plan and board members felt somewhat rushed in nailing down their proposal.

"There's too many unanswered questions out in the world right now," he said. "We need time to work on next year's budget and we want to see what our new governor will do about school funding. The Mideast crisis will have an impact on the district's morale,and the recession has caused a loss of jobs for some members of the district.

"There are a lot of external problems right now that made us step back and take a look at everything."

The board will continue to work with the architectural firm Hollis & Miller and hold a number of public meetings to answer questions and hear suggestions from DeSoto patrons, Coltharp said.

The election day would be Nov. 5.

Hollis & Miller has presented three preliminary concepts to the board and school officials, and two public meetings have been held to explain those options. Coltharp said board members probably will piece together aspects of each plan to develop a fourth building option.

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