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January 27, 1991


To the Editor:

Thank you, Rhonda Perdue, for your wonderful letter printed on Jan. 23. You expressed my views completely and far more eloquently than I could have done. I have a son in Saudi Arabia with the 24th Marines, risking his life to defend those principles of freedom and peace of which you spoke.

And thank you, each and every person in Lawrence who flies an American flag or displays a yellow ribbon to express their support of our troops. I encourage more of you to do the same. Before Kurt left for Saudi Arabia, he told me that it really made him feel good to see all the flags and yellow ribbons as he drove around Lawrence.

Part of me is fiercely proud of what my son is doing, and part of me is pure mother, filled with an intense anxiety and with a terrible pain in my heart that anyone should have to endure the horrors of war, let alone my own son. Seeing your flags and your ribbons supporting our troops makes my heart swell with pride at what my son is doing and this softens, just a bit, the sharp edges of my pain.

Sherry M. McBride,

303 Woodlawn Pl.

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