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January 22, 1991


To the Editor:

Our daughter is now a senior at KU and lives in the Sigma Kappa house on West Campus Road. As we are frequent visitors to Lawrence, which has become one of my favorite cities anywhere, I often wondered why the nearby Jayhawk Bookstore was restrained from using their building more efficiently.

Had such a situation developed here in Lincoln, the local retailers, restaurateurs and faculty would have been up in arms pointing out the lack of choice on the part of the students, faculty, where the state owns and operates a retail business in open and direct competition to an independent business which also supports the entire community with real estate taxes. Perhaps that is what happened in Lawrence.

On my last visit I found the building newly remodeled and landscaped, with textbooks filling the second level. It obviously took time and considerable investment but it appears to be a good addition to the campus and neighborhood.

However it came about, I applaud the city commission or mayor's office on the end result.

James L. McKee,

Lincoln, Neb.

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